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Downtown Eugene Fiber Broadband


Small Business (1-5 employees with low to moderate broadband needs)

Really fast starter package, with plenty of speed to support small and medium sized offices. This is recommended for a 1-10 person office with low to moderate bandwidth needs.

$49.99 for 100 Mbps       Learn More

Large Business (6-15 employees with moderate to high broadband needs)

Perfect for the growing company. Once your business starts leveraging the Cloud for information storage, high speed internet becomes critical to keep your office running efficiently. This is recommended for offices with up to 15 employees with moderate bandwidth needs.

$64.99 for 250 Mbps       Learn More
Enterprise (16+ employees with high broadband needs)

The ultimate package for any business. With this synchronous 1Gbps connection, large files will be downloaded in seconds rather than minutes. Hosted VoIP systems, Video Conferencing, File Sharing, Off-Site Backup – You can now do it all! This is recommended for offices above 15 employees with moderate to large bandwidth needs.

$79.99 for 1 Gbps       Learn More

Bundle with Voice

DFN’s fully integrated voice solutions enter the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) directly from our Class 5 voice switch. While most VoIP providers send/receive calls over the public internet, DFN VoIP is as close to your traditional phone service as you will find.   By choosing DFN Voice, reliability is no longer a tradeoff to get the savings of VoIP.

Hosted Voice

DFN Hosted Voice provides a fully managed, enterprise grade phone system fpr businesses.  This is not a Vonage solution, as DFN connects our phones to a managed network switch and sends/receives calls through the local PSTN. Customers can expect a system built to their specifications, HD Call Quality, on-site installation from our local technicians, comprehensive staff training, and 24/7 support.

Business Voice

DFN Voice provides the most reliable VoIP service available for Eugene businesses. Advanced features, crystal clear call quality, and seamless interoperability with your existing phone system. DFN Voice solutions include SIP Trunking, full featured analog lines, POTS, and PRI.   DFN Voice is compatible with your on-premise analog PBX, IP PBX, or small office phone system.


Don't forget to check out our bundle packages for additional savings!